Chocolate salami




Cherry tomatoes dipped in dark chocolate




Stuffed focaccias wrapped in paper parcels

Available in different flavours*: mozzarella+tomatoes, mortadella+rucola, tuna+peppers, stracchino+radicchio

*packaging, sizes and flavours can also be customized on request



Omelet bonbons

Available in different flavours*: pumpkin+ginger, courgettes+mint, potatoes+onion, spaghetti+mozzarella, onion+raisins

*flavours can also be customized on request



Barley salad with shrimps, courgettes, tomatoes and fresh mint

(flavours can also be customized on request)



Surprise balls

Mini italian sandwiches in plastic capsules (āˆ… 9 cm)
Available in different flavours*: egg salad+salami, anchovies paste+butter, feta cheese+cucumber, hummus+peppers, Parma ham+mozzarella

*flavours can also be customized on request




Dried apricots filled with ricotta cheese in shape of candies






Chickpeas focaccia

Sterosberaher .



Fave e cicoria

Fava beans mousse with vegatables

Aceagourprovar .




Savory dessert: roll-shaped sandwich in different flavours